Our Services

We know that when we maintain our quality of services, then we develop a long term professional relationship.

To maintain our service standards MLT focuses on following objects:

  • Most of complaints will be solved on the customer side to save valued time of customer. 
  • Equipment will be removed for repair from the customer side in case of critical fault.
  • To avoid the same complaint calls, proper equipment diagnostic and confirmation of the fault is provided
  • We follow the troubleshooting manuals and provide complete & permanent solution.
  • Troubleshooting is done by using a logical method and we ensure that all parts or equipment are working properly.
  • Repair and reassembling the equipment by the default condition.


Microsoft Licensed Products.
We can protect your IT equipments with the Antivirus products like, Norton, Kasper sky, MacAfee.


As we know server is the back bone of any IT structure. Business sectors are depending on the accurate performance of servers.MLT have expertise in Tower and rack mounted server related brands, HP, Dell, and IBM


Line Printers & Printers
We are providing the complete services & maintenance to all kind printers. We have expertise in four types of printers.