About US

Our company provides you an exceptional repair service for a flat labor rate plus the cost of the parts. We do not like to trick you into any “hidden costs”. First, our experts will diagnose your PC problem. Once we diagnose it, and if there are any problems found, we have a proper procedure to repair your computer. We specialize in hardware, software, operating system, data recovery, network, and many other service areas. We make sure that you get best solution for your computer.

Line Printers & Printers

We are providing the complete services & maintenance to all kind printers. We have expertise in four types of printers.

  • Printronix & Tally Genicom (Line Printers) 500 LPM to 2400 LPM.
  • Dot matrix Printers (Epson) LQ, FX, DFX series.
  • Laser Printers (HP, Samsung, Lexmark) all models.
  • All in One Machine

Computer Hardware

  • Providing services of Server, desktop, workstations, Laptop, LCD and other related accessories.
  • Complete troubleshooting, installation, reconfiguration and upgrading of equipments.
  • Installation and Configure equipments with Microsoft operating systems, MS Office and basic software. 
  • Design and installation the equipment as per client scenario & Suggest the right equipment as per client working requirements.


  • Infrastructure designing & deploying.
  • Complete installation & configuration of network.
  • Following international standards.
  • Reduce data loss factors & fix problems.
  • Trouble shooting & maintenance of equipments.
  • Internet filtering/access management
  • Traffic control & analysis
  • Wi-Fi router installation & maintenance
  • Blocking ability of sites
  • Configure Servers, systems, printers & internet services through LAN & WI-FI equipments